"COCKROACH"(2 CD's - Both versions included)
Sony Music/Low Dice - A2-52159

1.Still Kickin'
2.Sick Little Twisted Mind
3.Good Time - Listen to a sample! (TP)
4.Don't Break My Heart Again - Listen to a sample! (PL)
5.Tip Of My Tongue - Listen to a sample! (TP)
6.Walk It Like You Talk It
7.Goin' Goin' Gone
8.Afraid Of Love
9.When She's Good She's Good (When She's Bad She's Better)
10.Shot 'O Love - Listen to a sample! (PL)
11.Don't Pull The Plug
12.Time In A Bottle (P.Laine version only)

The Band: T.Poley - vox (Version'93), P.Laine - vox (Version'94),
A.Timmons - guitar, B.Ravel - bass, S.West - drums
All songs written by B.Ravel/S.West except "Sick Little Twisted Mind", "Goin' Goin' Gone" and "Don 't Pull The Plug" written by B.Ravel/S.West/A.Timmons
Recorded and mixed in Miami, Fla and Morin Heights, Quebec - Winter/Spring '93. Vocals re-recorded in Winter '94.
Produced by B.Ravel and S.West. Co-Produced by P.Northfield.



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